DIY Ripped Knee Jeans

Recently I went to Atlanta with my mom and of course when ever we are together shopping is a must! We decided to check out one of the local malls. After looking up the nearest mall, we discovered there was one within five minutes from the hotel we were staying at. Perfect!

About an hour into our shopping, we stumbled across Urban Outfitters. Now, I have mixed feelings about this store. I always browse through their online catalog and can never find anything in my price range. Despite this, I decided to go into the store. I mean maybe I would find something... affordable.

A couple of minutes after walking through the store, I found a pair of black skinnies with rips in the knee (see below). I had been looking for a pair of these FOREVER.

Cute right? Wrong! Not $70 cute. Well not if you were like me. Your girl was shopping on a budget.

I sat there and wondered how I could get my hands on a pair of those pants, without having to pay $70 for them. Finally, a light bulb appeared above my head (not literally guys) and no I was not going to steal them, you can erase that thought from your head.

I said to my mother, "Why spend $70 on a pair of pants that are already cut up when I can buy a pair of $8 pants from Forever21 and cut those up my self?!" Genius right? I know.

So as soon as I got back home, I took my Forever21 jeans (again only $8) and a pair of scissors, and literally in two minutes, I had a pair of those $70 Urban Outfitter jeans, but only paid $8 for mine. BOOYAH!



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