DIY Rihanna Inspired Fluffy Slides

Recently, Rihanna dropped her Fenty x Puma slides and they are DOPE!

Almost every girl was trying to get their hands on a pair of these slides, which is why they sold out relatively quick. Of course I was late to the game, and I was not able to get a pair before they sold out.

I figured it would be a while before they restocked so I decided to DIY my own pair of Rihanna's popular slides. Although they are not the real deal, they are still very similar and they are still HOT!


You're only going to need 4 items for this DIY:

- Fur Boa

- Scissors

- Glue

- Slides

Start off with a pair of slides

Measure and cut two or three strips of fur boa (depending

on your preference of thickness) to fit across the slide.

Glue the fur strips onto the slide. Repeat on the other slide.

And there you have it! Your own version of Rihanna's Fenty x Puma Slides.


Check out my video with a more detailed visual explanation:



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