Distressed Mom Jeans

Fashion is forever evolving. Jeans for example have gone through many phases. I would say the latest jean fad was skinny jeans. No one wanted to wear flared jeans anymore, but would rather wear jeans that hug your body from the booty down to the ankles.

Although skinny jeans are still in style, I've noticed another style of jeans creeping into today's fashion. Mom jeans. Yup, surprisingly these baggy high waisted jeans are back in style. At first, you could only find mom jeans in thrift stores because everyone got rid of them once they went out of style. But now that they have become popular, you can find them in stores like Topshop and American Apparel. What was once old is now new.

I am a huge 90's lover, especially when it comes to the fashion, so of course I have my collection of mom jeans. I am all for vintage, so I buy my 90's wear from the thrift store rather than buying it from stores like Topshop. I love the idea of having to really search for vintage pieces that are one of a kind.

Speaking of one of a kind, I like to add my own touches to things. All though I do like a good pair of plain mom jeans, I decided to distress a pair. I started by distressing a part of the jeans where there was a stain and then my creative mind just took over. I added a few rips and then I decided to cut out the pockets of my jeans because who needs pockets? And I finished them off with some studs, for an edgy look.

I love how you can transform something plain into something that is unique and has so much character. Feel free to recreate this look or make it you're own.

What you'll need:

  • Mom jeans

  • Scissors

  • Studs

I created a step-by-step video (below) of how I created these distressed mom jeans, be sure to check it out.




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