DIY Lace Up Denim Corset

When it comes to fashion, I have been loving two trends lately: 1. Denim and 2. Pieces that lace-up. With that being said, I wanted to find a way to combine the two together. After looking through social media to get a little bit of inspiration, I came across a picture of Kylie Jenner in a green lace up corset, layered on top of a baggy white t-shirt and paired with matching green thigh high boots. I instantly fell in love with the combination. This is what led me to the idea of creating a denim lace-up corset, and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the outcome. What do you think of the lace-up corset trend? Let me know in the comment section below!

This DIY was actually easier than I expected it to be and the best part, it only cost me $10 to create it! I literally bought a pair of jeans from the thrift store, threw them in the washer, and turned them into a chic lace-up corset! Say what?! This piece allows you to take something as simple as an oversized t-shirt and take it to a "whole nother level".

The lace-up corset is a daring trend but I love it, as it brings edge to any outfit! Want to re-create this look? Here is what you will need:

I have taken the time to create a video as I felt it would be easier to actually watch me make the corset and follow along versus looking at step by step pictures. You can view this video by clicking here or simply click the play button on the video down below.



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