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So I have came to the conclusion that I was born in the wrong era. I haven't quite figured out when I was supposed to be born, but I know it's somewhere between the late 70s and the early 80s, which would have allowed me to grow up in the 90s as a teen. Being able to experience the 70s-90s would have been amazing. I feel like everyone during those times, were chill and care-free. The music was Great. The clothes were Bomb. The dances were Lit. But... I have to accept the fact that I was born mid 90s. Hey, at least I was able to experience the 90s somewhat. And, now that I think about it, the early 2000s were actually pretty poppin' too. What era would you have liked to grow up in? Let me know in the comment box down below!

Anyways, now for what I really started writing this blog for. I love the way body chains add a certain spizazz to an outfit that regular necklaces can't accomplish. I'm not sure if spizazz is a word, but we are going to act like it is today. What I mean is, body chains take outfits from being plain to being unique, chic and sexy. There are different body chain looks out there and one style I am particularly fond of is the chain bralette. It's literally a body chain in the shape of a bralette, so they pair extremely well underneath actual bralettes. I made this DIY Body Chain Bralette with a diamond choker that is connected to it and a I also decided to make a matching waist chain to add more spizazz(there I go with that word again). Chokers, waist chains and crop tops are so 90s but I am definitely giving you 70s realness in these pictures.

I also created this DIY Satin Bralette out of a slip dress! The satin two piece is trending right now so I wanted to make my own. I started off by making the top and once I finished that, I tried to make the matching skirt as well. Let's just say I realized the fabric that I was working with was way too thin so ended up not making it.

Btw, pizzazz is the word I was looking for... haha close enough!

Check out the

DIY Satin Bralette and DIY Chain Bralette & Waist Chain

videos down below!



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