How to Turn Jeans into a Denim Skirt

Yup, I made a high-waisted denim skirt out of a pair of thrifted jeans! I had a pair of jeans left over from when I made my DIY Lace-Up Denim Corset and I could not figure out what to do with the left over material. I was going to make high waisted shorts but then I realized everyone already knows how to do that, so I decided to make a high-waisted denim skirt instead! High-waisted denim skirts are totally in style so in order to make mine stand out I added suede rose printed fabric!

I have seen many celebs rock the high-waisted denim skirt from Kylie Jenner who styled her skirt with a oversized tucked in t-shirt to Rihanna who wore her denim skirt layered over a long oversized button-up shirt. I went for more of an edgy tomboy look and decided to pair mine with a grey crop top, timberlands, and I tied a black suede ribbon around my waist. Would you wear this high-waisted denim skirt? If so, how would you style it? Let me know in the comment section down below!

Of course I made a video showing you how I transformed a pair of blue jeans into this chic high-waisted denim skirt. Click here to check it out or simply click the play button down below and watch it on my blog!



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