Do you know your worth?

You've been kissed with boundless potential, but in order for you to access it, it's up to you to take back the control of your mental.

There is so much that you can achieve in life, but why does it seem so hard to attain those things that you long for? It might be because deep within, you don't feel as though you are worthy enough, which leads to self-sabotage. This is something that I didn't realize was holding me back. This belief was embedded so deep into my subconscious, that I wasn't even aware of it.

That's the thing about beliefs. If you are not self-aware, then your beliefs are built out of the beliefs of others, whether that be from what you were told when you were younger, what people around you are telling you now, social media, or what you see on TV.

We have unknowingly absorbed all of the outside noise that has programmed our minds to believe we aren't good enough. It is time that we go within and change that story that we have been subconsciously telling ourselves. Change your narrative.

Unworthiness is only an illusion, a construct. We are all worthy. The only reason why it seems as though others are more worthy, is simply because: they. know. their. worth. That is it. Once you know that you too are worthy, everything will begin to change for you. Like Beyonce said, "Your self-worth is determined by you. You don't have to depend on someone telling you who you are".

Ways that can help you believe you are worthy:

1. Stop allowing your past to talk you out of being worthy in the present. Whatever happened in the past is no longer relevant. It has happened, you can now move on and use it as a learning lesson, but it should not stop you from believing you are worthy now. We all go through lessons in life in order to grow.

2. Do not wait for the future to deem you worthy. When the future gets here, it will be considered the present moment, so you need to understand that you are worthy now, or else you will just keep waiting and waiting and will not believe you are worthy because you will keep putting your worth off into the future.

3. Reprogram your mind. Start telling yourself you are worthy. Remind yourself throughout the day. Repeat the affirmation: I am worthy. Constantly write it down. Record yourself saying "I am worthy" and listen to it on repeat while you are falling asleep. This is scientifically proven to reprogram your mind because like, theta... and stuff... look it up.

4. Heal your inner child. If you were told you weren't worthy growing up, close your eyes and visualize your younger self standing in front of you. Look your younger self in the eyes and tell them that they are worthy.

5. Stop listening to the outside world and start going within. Meditate. Mediate. Meditate. (whatever that means to YOU)

Your outside world won't change until your inside world does.

How many times have you told yourself, "I won't be able to do this until..."? We have been taught that in order to be considered worthy, we have to first achieve something, but this is not true. You are worthy now. And once you truly believe that, everything that you thought you needed to be considered valuable, will literally start to present themselves to you. You will begin to act out of the knowing that you are worthy, which will result in the achievements. Your thoughts control your beliefs, which controls your subconscious, which controls the actions that you take. Which do you think will result in actions that will take you further, believing you're not good enough, or knowing you are worthy?

Start going within. No one and no thing can determine your worth, but you. Believe in yourself. You worth is waiting on you.

You are worthy.


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